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01/31/2011 / mashalngo


Govt. of India started Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JN-NURM) and identified 63 cities in the Country to boost orderly urbanization. Under JNNURM, the Govt. gives financial grants to concerned Urban Local Bodies and expects them to follow some reform agenda. Same of the reforms are mandatory while others are expected to be followed over time period. Apart from supporting infrastructure development projects like water supply, Roads and drainage, it gives considerable funds for housing urban poor. There are six mission cities in Maharashtra which include Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Nanded and PCMC. Mashal mapped and surveyed slums in Nasik, Pune and in PCMC for above project.

Pune Municipal Corporation received over Rs. 300/- Crores for creating housing stock for urban poor. PMC proposed Gr.+7 storied bldgs on PMC owned land, used modern slip form technology and received grant to complete the project. Many of such buildings are almost completed. PMC involved Mashal to motivate slum dwellers to leave their ground storied slum structure and shift in those multistoried apartments. We noted that slum dwellers were reluctant to mover in to such apartments of 269 sft. carpet area each.

Mashal brought it to the notice of Mr. Pravin Perdesai, Ex. Municipal Commissioner that people’s expectation are different. People desired in situ housing development and were ready to contribute funds and get involved in construction. We prepared a note and helped PMC to prepare DPR which was eventually sanctioned by the Central Govt. Under the scheme, Kaccha slum structures in slums on Govt. land are to be converted into pacca bldgs. with involvement of beneficiaries. The funding is expected as follows:

Central Govt.                  – 50%.

State Govt.                       – 30%.

PMC                                 – 10%.

Beneficiary                     – 10%

Total                                – 100%

The total estimated cost of tenement is Rs. 3 Lakhs. PMC got 4,000 houses sanctioned and short listed 4 NGOs to implement project. Mashal is given work order to execute 943 houses at the cost of Rs. 28.29 Crores. Time limit: 9 months from the date of agreement. The project is about to start.